Creating data-driven solutions for a global audience

At McGuire, research is just the beginning. We don’t just assemble and organize data. We turn it into actionable solutions to drive business success.
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We understand how global markets work.

With more than three decades of experience serving a diverse clientele in a variety of fields — including travel and tourism, technology, energy and more — we uncover consumer and business insights, identify future trends and deliver results.

We elevate data to create innovative solutions

Every research company can produce data. It’s what you do with that data that ultimately provides value. Our innovative approaches and processes do more than yield the most detailed and accurate results — they lead to actionable methods to apply data in ways you never thought possible.

Proprietary Sampling Platform
  • Integration
  • Project Management
  • Flexibility to Implement Custom Technical Solutions
Data Quality Platform
  • Bot Checks
  • Fraud Protection
  • Digital Fingerprinting
  • Panel Reach
  • Advanced Profiling and Appends
  • Security


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We offer a vast array of survey services

We are the industry leader in the ever-evolving research field, staying ahead of the competition by developing and implementing new and innovative global marketing strategies and techniques.

We establish control processes that ensure timely and actionable data collection. By using our proven techniques during the entirety of the research process, we are able to maximize legitimate responses and accurate results that DRIVE SOLUTIONS.

  • Online B2B and B2C
  • Data and Tabs
  • Translation and Localization
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Intercept interviewing
  • Max/Diff Analysis
  • Focus Groups Phone IDIs
  • Data Visualization
  • Economic modeling
  • Hybrid Telephone / P2P voter and Public Policy Interviewing

Our Team

Mike McGuire
CEO / President

Pat Heiman
Vice President Web Practices and Analytics

Julian Vermaas
Research Director

Leslie Freud
Senior Client Services Manager

  • Utilizing only tier one sample sources
  • Complying fully to TCPA, GDPR and CCPA
  • Using our proprietary sampling platform and methodology for tracking and custom projects
  • Administering three level QA processes for all deliverables
  • Capitalizing on our extensive Supplier database with multi-source sampling options and deduplication capability
  • Avoiding fraudulent respondents by utilizing a multi-tier system including bot checks, digital fingerprinting, response validation for timing and straight lining, and data verification against Dun & Bradstreet
  • Conducting surveys in balanced populations (by geography and other demographics, including dialect and culture; not limited to major metro areas)

Solutions for a global audience

Having conducted research in 25+ industries globally, you can be sure McGuire Research Services, Inc. has the knowledge, resources, and experience to lead research specifically tailored to your industry.

We know that each industry and every region and country are unique, and that understanding allows us to obtain accurate and reliable results on every project.

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Airlines
  • Insurance
  • Automotive
  • Life Sciences
  • Banking
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Capital Markets
  • Metals & Mining
  • Chemicals
  • Natural Resources
  • Communications
  • Products
  • Consumer Goods & Services
  • Public Service (Federal, State, & Local)
  • Energy
  • Retail
  • Healthcare Payers
  • Semiconductors
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Software and Platforms (Software, Internet, Social Media Platforms)
  • Hospitality (Hotels, Cruises, Travel)
  • Utilities

The whole world, in your hands

With over three decades of experience in global research, McGuire Research is the worldwide leader in global market research and results-driven actionable solutions.
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Working at the speed of business

We move quickly, providing results and solutions as part of a commitment to delivering value to clients through superb service. Our innovation, teamwork and efficiency deliver valid, projectable and actionable results. We also provide on-time reaction and response, customizing projects to meet each client’s objectives and timing.


Bot Checks

Relevant ID

Digital Fingerprint & Fraud protection

Optional Add-ons

Verity identification validation, 3rd Party Data Appends, Open Ends, Straight-line Checks, Red Herring

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