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The McGuire Approach

McGuire Research makes market research easy for you because we know you need accurate insightful answers on time and error free. We provide a proven track record of service.

Full-Service Project Management - We follow every step of your project from beginning to its successful completion. Our years of experience are valuable in steering your project in the right direction.

Unquestionable Reliability and On-time Delivery of Results - We have 27 years of proven accuracy and on-time delivery. You can be provided with minute by minute results.

Provide Top Quality and Actionable Recommendations - We have professional internal systems and processes that ensure each project is professionally and accurately delivered.

We’re Available - We can be reached 24/7 via telephone, email or fax.

Dedicated Contact - You will be provided a Senior Manager to oversee your project and keep you informed every step of the way.

Our Project Management and Quality Control Process are Unsurpassed - We validate our data and excel at comparing results across multiple regions and multiple time frames.        

Global Market Research

McGuire Research Services is a global company providing market research expertise for industries worldwide. Our multinational clients can depend on us to obtain the answers to their most pressing marketing questions regardless of location, language or culture.

We have carefully cultivated a reliable network of research alliances to facilitate global information gathering and analysis. These partnerships provide thorough knowledge of the nuances of local culture in each region so the research design and implementation can be most effective.

Interviews are conducted online or by nationals from the country being researched to assure the highest level of response and validity of results. Surveys are professionally translated and account for both language and cultural differences. 

Our Global Projects have included:
China, Korea, India, Russia, Belgium, Germany, Japan, Finland, Mexico, Malaysia, Luxembourg, Australia, Argentina, France, Hong Kong, South Africa, Brazil, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Austria, Canada, Italy, Netherlands, Philippines, USA, Turkey, Ireland, and Chile.