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Key to Successful International Research Local Knowledge and Global Integration

Our global network of locally based, independently owned market research companies ensures the highest quality and consistency of execution around the world. In addition to on-site, in-person and telephone interviews, we have developed lasting relationships with firms who have a commitment to internet based research.

Our Client's enjoy the combination of our expertise, coupled with our global network partners, to provide an affordable and convenient way to conduct international research.

Our project management and quality control processes are unsurpassed. We know how to validate data collection and we excel at comparing results across multiple regions. When conducting research, each project is designed to reflect the local market of the respondent with regard to customs, issues and events so that the respondent will be an active, responsive participant. A sample of our recent experience:

China,  Korea, India, Russia, Belgium, Germany, Japan, Canada, Finland, Mexico, Malaysia, Luxembourg, Australia, Argentina, France, Hong Kong, Brazil, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and The United States.

A small sampling of our global projects includes:

Segmentation Study for Major Retailer: Perform a segmentation of their customers using transactional data and demographics. The analysis also integrated secondary research which was psychological in nature. The analysis identified the segments. We conducted primary research to help to market the message to these segments.

Large Account, Printer Consumable Study: Objectives included identifying needs, the evaluation process, and impact of remanufactured cartridge offerings on OEM supplies loyalty. Tested the acceptability/believability/credibility/reliability of these and other 3rd party remanufactured cartridge vendor offerings to see how the decision makers of large accounts view them. Conducted 1000 telephone interviews in United States and 500 telephone interviews in Europe.

Brand Study - 73 Locations: Objectives included determining strategies to sustain differentiation levels of brand experiences for world leading, multiple-media publisher of scientific, technical and health information products, having 73 locations worldwide, including North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia, Africa and Latin America. Conducted a web survey with top marketing/brand managers worldwide.

Profitable Growth Study: Study was conducted for a diversified office automation, equipment and electronics company. Objectives centered on ways to improve customer loyalty, minimize disloyalty and improve retention and prospect to customer conversion rate. Internationally deployed web survey was used to collect data. Instant reporting on incompletes, allowed recontact to increase response rate.

Customer Information Study - 200,000 Points of Contact: Objectives included analysis of ways to improve information access and control of selling situations for a global provider of customized corrective lenses. An internet study was used to access distribution center for 200,000 points of contact around the world. Top-line data was provided on-demand.

Worldwide Demand Creation Study: Study was executed to understand the trade-offs consumers are willing to make between bundles, brand, and price to assist in the creation of a baseline scenario to predict share of market for a world leader in mobile communications. A web survey method was used to collect data and real-time pivot tables were provided to check regional differences.

International, Employee Retention and Training Study: Objectives included testing ways to improve employee retention and leverage training budgets to maximize productivity for one the world's largest clinical diagnostic companies. Employees were surveyed via the internet at locations throughout the world.

Growth through Innovation Study: Study of collaboration and tools used to foster innovation for Digital-E Company with worldwide reach. A web Survey was used to capture detail from numerous top level executives from around the world.